About the Artist

My name is Deborah Rose Guterbock. I am the owner and artist behind Mirthful Mother Artisan Crafts.

Every painting and piece of jewelry you find on this website, from conception to the final coat of paint or microcrystalline wax, is carefully hand crafted by me at my studio in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia.


To me, Nature is sacred and the act of creation is a meditation. I make because it fuels my reason for being; it’s something I must do. The things I create are a vehicle for bringing my positive intention into the physical realm. My work speaks to Spirit, and my hope is that it will bring joy to those who need some good juju in their life.

In addition to nature, I also draw inspiration from the history in the things that we no longer need or want, words:their meanings both implied and inferred, the lost tradition of story-telling and the meaning that we draw from metaphors we create in our lives. Most importantly, I draw inspiration from the world as seen through my children's eyes and the ways in which motherhood has completed me. My kids teach me new things every day. They teach me to see with eyes anew. They teach me joy and serendipity.

My daughter, in awe. This fuels me every day!

My daughter, in awe. This fuels me every day!

Most days, you can visit me in my studio at the Shenandoah Valley Art Center in Historic Downtown Waynesboro, VA.

Otherwise, keep abreast of my upcoming vending events on Facebook: